About The Gem Room

The Gem Room

For as long as I can remember, cameras have made an appearance at every event in my life; I’m sure I’ve spent more time with flash spots in my eyes than without. My entire family loves to document each and every moment, which must be why I, too, became captivated by the pure magic of photography. I love that a single, unassuming moment can be captured forever and treasured like a gem. At the age of nine, I was given my first camera and have had one glued to my hip ever since. Through seminars, assisting, and practice, I continuously expand my ability through self-discovery and fellow photographers’ advice and photos.

I believe that both staged and candid photos have merit and give the most accurate portrayal of a moment, so I mix both traditional and photojournalistic approaches into a shoot. Please contact me for more information about your photography needs; it would be an honor to capture your memories!  

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